A salute to bravery, five Vidor police officers are in the spot light for risking their lives to save victims of a car wreck.

That wreck happened last month off of Main Street.

Unfortunately one of the passengers didn't make it out alive, and the other is still hospitalized with critical injuries.

Video showing the intensity of the officers in that moment of crisis is touching the hearts of many people across Southeast Texas.

At the Vidor City Hall, it was an emotional encounter between first responders and the family, and at the scene where the accident happened, the water level is still about 3 to 4 feet high.

"I call them selfless human beings," says Ashley Ninteman, sister of one of the victims.

"They get up each day, put a badge on, and risk their lives not knowing what's going to happen," she says.

That selflessness proved with what was caught on body cam, the Vidor police officers risking their lives to save 21-year-old Johnathan, and his friend Alexandrea.

"When I got the call that night, I was terrified," Ninteman says.

The tragic crash claiming the life of Alexandrea, and putting Ashley's brother in the hospital, It's a moment she will never forget

The two victims were pulled from an overturned car that was submerged in a drainage canal.

"My brother was all hooked up and lifeless," Ashley says.

"They were pumping water out of his stomach and lungs," she explains.

Quick thinking that shows the bravery of those wearing the badge.

"Nothing as a Police Chief makes you proud," says Chief Rod Carol, with the Vidor Police Department.

The officers were awarded the "Valor Award," for risking their lives to serve others.

"I'm very blessed and grateful to thank them face to face, and to have my brother still here, he means the world to me," Ninteman says.

Johnathan's sister wants to stress the importance of seatbelts, that's what she says might be another reason the life of her brother was saved.

The 5 badge brothers were recognized for their bravery pic.twitter.com/uhMQWtyFjK

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