Halloween was in full swing this year in Beaumont. Parents and kids took over the streets of Barrington Heights for some spooky action and treats.

This year, Beaumont police wanted to remind parents that safety is the number once concern when it comes to the scariest night of the year.

"We are just watching where we are going and make sure the kids do not cross the street. There's a lot of cars here and we are sticking together." said David Driscoll.

Driscoll was dressed up as a "crazy golfer" and took his kids out trick-or-treating with his wife. For Jane and Shane Gentry, their house was the spooky stop in their neighborhood with a scary display in their front yard.

"When I was a little kid I used to love trick-or-treating and finding the houses that would spook you. That's why I bought all this stuff."

And for those who decided to skip knocking on doors this year to keep it safe, they hit up the trunks at Wesley United Methodist Church in Beaumont.

"I like having place where kids can come and be safe." said Lisa Stewart.

Beaumont police tell 12News there were no arrests this year related to Halloween.