John Harrison doesn't mind if you call him a barrel man, or a clown just as long as you're enjoying the show.

"You know my favorite part is whenever I look up in the stands and see the people having fun," said Harrsion, this years barrel man at the South Texas State Fair's rodeo. "You know rodeo, it doesn't matter if you're 6, 66, or 96, there is something here for everybody, and we have people leave and they had a good time, that's what it's about for me."

For Cody Emerson, who has been fighting bulls for 10 years, he says it's all about the adrenaline rush

"It's like no other thing you can do really," said Emerson. "I mean that bull is coming for that bull rider, and it's your job to distract him and kind of take control I the bull and make sure the bull rider gets to safety."

Harrison says despite the danger he still loves the rush as well.

".ou're going to get hurt in rodeo it's just a matter of how bad, and as long as you can kind of take care of yourself, I got the barrel," said Harrison. "It's amazing how small you can wad up in a ball when something's trying to get you."

You can catch the second act of the rodeo Saturday at 5.