Rod Carroll was unanimously voted in as Chief of Police for the City of Vidor Monday night. He says he’s excited about the opportunity.

“I’m very excited about the opportunity to come here, and work with a very progressive law enforcement agency,” said Carroll. “As well as work within a great community.”

City Manager Mike Kunst, who recommended Carroll for the job, says that he believes Carroll will build new relationships within the community.

“He’s going to motivate our officers,” said Kunst. “I think he’s going to take a fresh look at some of our relationships not only within the community, but outside the community with other law enforcement agencies.”

Carroll, who previously served as Assistant Deputy Chief for Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, says that he isn’t looking to change much within the Vidor force.

“They already have a lot of good things happening over here,” said Carroll. “They have a very professional law enforcement agency. We are going to continue that trend in professionalism and in community service.”

Carroll's start date is yet to be determined, but Kunst says it will be around the start of the New Year.