A roadblock appears to be putting a local golf course in a bind.

A manager at Bayou Din Golf Course tells us that the on-going construction on Labelle Road is causing a slump in business.

For the past month, crews have been working to extend Major Drive to Labelle Road.

What used to be a golf course filled with customers, the parking lots at Bayou Din are now empty.

The major roadblock is keeping many customers from making their way into the golf course off LaBelle Road.

“We get numerous phone calls from people being in the roadblock," says John Jeffery’s, manager at Bayou Din.

"Even today, Pepsi couldn't even deliver to us because the road they have to use to get here, they can't drive the delivery trucks on it.” he explains.

Jeffery says this road closure has been a major burden on business.

“Versus last year, about 700 rounds lost,” he explains.

"When you lose so many players, you lose from drinks, merchandise and all the stuff that goes along with that,” John explains.

According to the Jefferson County Engineering Department, the goal is to extend Major Dr. to Labelle Road.

Construction crews have already been working for a month, and the county says there is still two more weeks left to go before the project wraps up.

“There's no correspondence from them when it's going to be completed, just rough dates and it's affected our play a lot,” he explains.

Until then, Bayou Din is "in the rough."

“It’s a severe inconvenience driving down the road to get here,” Jeffery says.