A road rage incident in the Kroger parking lot on Dowlen road led to a car chase in Beaumont on Thursday night.

Mitch Miller says he was held at gunpoint after he confronted a man who nearly hit his car before the chase started.

"I was shocked at first, and then I kind of got mad, and then after that, it was more geared toward the safety of his kids," Miller said.

Miller says he was backing out of his parking spot when a man sped by and nearly hit him.

Miller got out of his truck to confront the man about his speed, saying the man pulled out a gun after a verbal argument.

After both men got into their vehicles, Miller called 9-1-1 and followed the suspect, 25-year-old Daniel Savoy.

Miller says he followed Savoy to Coatsville Avenue where Beaumont Police arrested the suspect for evading arrest, aggravated assault, and possession of a controlled substance.

"I know it was probably safer to let him go, but in the meantime, his kids were going to be in danger, that's how I felt. And we already called police at the time and we were giving them directions on where we were,” Miller said.

"With him pointing a gun at me, it kind of put things in perspective," Miller said.

According to Jefferson County Jail records, Savoy bonded out of jail after the incident.