Some residents in Groves tell us that their apartment has been lacking heat and hot water, especially during this cold snap causing a major inconvenience.

"This is not a section 8 or low income apartment complex so something needs to be done," tells us one of the residents who has decided to remain anonymous due to possible eviction.

"I have asked over and over and over again but nothing is being done," she explains.

Some of the residents at Cambridge in the Groves apartment complex are extremely unhappy.

"We don't have hot water, no hot air and now we have to be comfortable by the stove [to keep warm]," she says.

But this issue is not just one persons problem.

"We have to do whatever we can," says another concerned resident.

12News has reached out to management to see what is being done to clear up some of these concerns, but have yet to receive a response.

The residents say that all they want is to get the cleanliness they are paying for.

"Everyone has complained and complained and nothing is being done, so It's like we're being thrown to the wolves," resident tells us.