A driver and 6 passengers were injured after a Ford SUV they were in swerved off of FM 105 where the vehicle was left overturned in a ditch.

Robert Molenda has been living on this road for over 25 years.

I know at least 3 or 4 fatalities right in this stretch of road I don't know if one or two a year is too many, but it's a lot when you live on this road how dangerous it is,” Molenda explains.

He says there isn't a day where he doesn't see an accident.

“Every day you hear ambulance drive by and you can see where they stop,” says Molenda.

On Tuesday, the Texas Department of Public Safety responded to another one of those accidents, a Ford SUV reportedly swerved to avoid striking another vehicle and flipped on side of the road.

Two adults and five children injured in the crash, and one person was taken on a life flight to Christus Saint Elizabeth hospital.

“It's sad, I pray for the families, hoping and praying everyone is okay,” says Molenda.

He thinks something simple as a street light can fix the problem.

“I called TXDOT, and all they say is they have to follow protocol, but people are dying out here on this road,” Molenda explains.

TXDOT released this statement saying:

"Safety is our number one concern. Anytime we receive a request for a traffic light or turning lane, we do look into it. A traffic study does have to take place to see if the safety feature is warranted. "

After seeing people transported by life flight makes Molenda worry for the safety of other drivers.

“It’s a very dangerous road,” he says.

He hopes accidents like this don't happen again.