ORANGE COUNTY, Texas - Homeowners who live north of Vidor are starting the cleanup process after their homes were flooded by Harvey.

Several streets in the Wexford Park neighborhood near Main Street were lined with personal belongings, furniture and trash. Many residents remain resilient as they rebuild their homes after Harvey.

Jason Dorchuck is doing everything he can to clean up the mess at his home. He said the floodwaters almost reached the roof of his house.

"Every time I go in, I throw up. It reeks. There’s mold everywhere," said Dorchuck.

The furniture inside of his home was covered in mold and scattered all over the floor.

Dorchuck explained he tried to stay inside his home as long as possible to save some of his personal items. He also helped rescue several of his neighbors with his kyak.

As flood waters started to rise in his home, he started to get worried. At one point, he was sleeping on top of his kitchen counter to avoid the floodwaters.

“I couldn't sleep. It was sickening watching the water coming up, and I wanted to make sure it wouldn't come up and shock me more or less,” said Dorchuck.

He eventually left his home by paddling out the backyard in his kyak and had the chance to take one last look at his home.

"I sealed it up, I wished myself best of luck hoping it didn’t come up as high as it did," said Dorchuck.

Other neighbors in the area were also assesing the damage caused to their homes after Harvey.

“It’s one of the most upsetting times of my life,” said resident Ted Hanchey.

Even though the water has receded, some streets like Warwick Drive in the neighborhood still have flooding.

The bridge near Waterford Way leading into the newer part of Wexford Park neighborhood is also damaged by flooding.

Dorchuck said he is thankful to have his friends help him clean up his home.

"I’ve got numerous buddies here, buddies from work wanting to help out it's a pretty amazing effort,” said Dorchuck.

Vidor Middle School is handing out water, food and ice to residents in the area.

Another distribution center is off Market Basket on Main Street where people are handing out clothes and cleaning supplies.

At the First United Methodist Church, FEMA is taking applications.