The City of Port Arthur has reduced water pressure in the city and is asking residents to conserve water due to several leaks in the city's water system.

Currently there are 5 major leaks in the system, including leaks in two 8-inch residential supply lines in the east side of the city and three 16-inch water main lines in the west side of the city according to Port Arthur Public Information Officer Risa Carpenter

The reduction in pressure is affecting the entire city and currently a boil-water notice is NOT needed she said.

The city has multiple crews working on the leaks and their goal is to have the system back up to full pressure by the morning as early as possible according to Carpenter.

Carpenter declined to specify exact the locations of the leaks.

The city is asking residents to conserve water in an effort to slow water-loss through out the city according to a release from the city.

The city is asking that residents to voluntarily conserve water throughout the night to delay and avoid "mandatory restrictions" according to the release.

The city will notify residents in case of mandatory restrictions or if a boil-water notice is ordered.

Water conservation tips from the City of Port Arthur

  • Check visible faucets, pipes and toilets for leaks - turn these off at the source (wall)
  • Take shorter showers or postpone them until Friday morning, if possible
  • Turn of water while brushing your teeth or shaving
  • Wait to wash dishes until water pressure returns
  • For more information please call Utility Service Center Dispatch at 409-983-8550.