Raylee Hammett was all smiles at Bridge City Little League on Sunday.

Hundreds of people came up to bat to help Raylee and her family with their medical expenses. That left family members like Raylee’s great aunt Cherlene Warren emotional.

"I can't tell you how many times I've cried today,” Warren said.

“Because it's so overwhelming the gratitude and the welcoming of them coming here to help a child that they don't even know, but because she's in this community, they're here and they help," Warren said.

Back in January, one-year-old Raylee was flown to Texas Children’s Hospital. The family says a bacteria associated with pneumonia, that rarely jumps into a patient's lungs Instead attacked the blood stream of the one-year-old girl.

Raylee left the hospital last week, after spending 30 days in the intensive care unit fighting off the bacteria. Doctors listed her condition as day-to-day.

Randy Veitch organized this weekend's ragball tournament to help Raylee's family and their medical expenses.

Veitch said he was happy to see people from Lufkin to Louisiana support this family.

"It's been overwhelming, it has been overwhelming. I was surprised at the turnout which has been great,” Veitch said.

“It's one of those things when you put this out there, when people like Raylee need help, these people come out of the woodworks because this is what it's all about, you know helping families and doing what needed to be done," Veitch said.

Warren said that without Veitch, this would not have happened.

Warren is happy to see Raylee have a smile on her face.

"She's eating really good on her own now, the prognosis for the future sounds pretty good,” Warren said.

“We just got to get through the rough spots with all these little follow ups and get everything levelled back up and we should be good," Warren said.

Warren says the family is open to any donations they can receive.