Protest organizers say they plan to bring a lawsuit against German Pellets, claiming smoke from a silo has caused health issues to Port Arthur citizens.

Chants calling for German Pellets to leave Port Arthur rang out along Houston Avenue this morning, asking for German Pellets to completely extinguish the smoldering silo.

Ruby Francois who lives on Fifth Street on the west side says the smoke has changed her daily life.

"I put on a mask to sleep with in order to keep from choking, throwing up, my nose gets to burning, my throat gets to burning, my chest is hurting because I'm coughing so much at night," Francois said.

According to a German Pellets website, they are taking out the smoldering pellets and soaking them with water once they're taken out of the silo.

They say they're continuing to fix the process in stopping the smoke from the silo. The company says they are monitoring air quality in the area.

But residents like Janice Rogers think the company is taking way too long to fix the problem.

"We're tired of being treated like this, with the smells, it's got to stop," Rogers said.

The protesters’ call for action continues as the silo still smolders.

"Like I tell my doctor, I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired here on the west side of Port Arthur," Francois said.

A group of citizens, Community In- Power and Development Association Inc., is holding a meeting on June 21 at the West Side Development Center to discuss bringing a lawsuit against the company.

German Pellets is providing updates to the incident on this website.