The Jefferson County District Attorney's Office is hoping to bring a former BISD electrical contractor before a jury in another county but a defense attorney says his client should not have to face a jury a second time.

Prosecutors are seeking a change of venue. The request will be made at the next pre-trial hearing. That hearing will be held Sept. 6.

Calvin Walker, who is represented by Houston attorney Dick DeGuerin, appeared Monday before Judge John Stevens for a pre-trial hearing in Jefferson County Criminal District Court. According to court documents, Walker faces two felony counts of money laundering and four state felony charges of counts of securing execution of a document by deception. The charges stem from accusations he defrauded the school district and the city of Port Arthur through the use of fraudulent invoices.

Attorney DeGuerin told 12News his client should not face state charges because they are similar to the federal charges outlined in a 2011 37-count federal indictment; charges for which Walker was not convicted. The trial concluded with a hung jury.

“We had a fair trial in federal court, 10 out of 12 jurors said he's innocent. The Beaumont Independent School District got dollar for dollar what they paid for, for Calvin Walker to do for them, in fact, every time you come in and see a high school football game at night, you'll see what Calvin Walker did, he did exactly what they paid him to do," said DeGuerin.

According to the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office, Walker faces up to life in prison on each charge.