Plumbing and heating are the key issues for any cold snap in southeast Texas. The people, plants and pets are always given extra consideration during frigid temperature but what about the pipes, plumbing and heating?

"The main concern about pipes would be keeping them out of exposure, such as being exposed on a side of the house where the wind is going to blow,” said Jim Snell, the owner of Master Plumbing.

According to experts, all you need is a foam wrap to keep the pipes from freezing. Also, experts advise homeowner not to turn their heat off when you leave their home.

"You should keep it at a decent temperature,” said Mark Berman, salesmen at ICM Air-Conditioning. When you come and you run the heat up, it won’t work as hard."

Experts say that older gas heaters are potentially more dangerous than electronic heaters. Older heaters have steel heater exchanges which could crack, sending dangerous co2 into your home.

Mark Berman from ICM Air-Conditioning advises those who have any questions regarding their heaters to contact a professional.