Currently, Pathway Church uses the Athlete's Sports training facility on Nall street for Sunday worship. While they appreciate the owner letting them use the space, they feel it's time to get a permanent home.

A home of worship for a growing congregation.

In four to five months, the old Champions roller rink will become the new home of Pathway Church.

Pastor Cazzy Francis is excited for this new chapter in the church's history.

"We're going to have great parking, we're going to have amazing bathrooms, we're going to have a huge foyer space because we're a relational church and a community-driven church. And, we want to have a relationship with people," Francis said.

Pastor Francis believes their large floor plan—which will include a coffee bar--will accommodate space for youth groups.

Most importantly, he feels the amount of space will help current and new members strengthen their relationship with God.

For now, the church will keep their faith rolling before they skate into their new pews.

"I'm 100 percent certain that God has us here, because he spoke to me, he kept bringing me back here and all the circumstances just arranged itself," Francis said.

Pathway Church will continue holding Sunday service at Athlete’s Sports training before their new church opens next year.