BEAUMONT - Vanessa Davis was sentenced to 18 years in prison today after being convicted of intoxication manslaughter by a Jefferson County jury for a fatal crash that killed a passenger in her car.

After the sentence was read, some word's were exchanged by the two families outside the courtroom which deputies had to step in and separate.

Jacqueline McGee, the sister of Pamela Fields she says that despite fields battling a drug problem, she was known by many in the Port Arthur community as a good person.

"She was the life of our family," said McGee. She didn't cause any problems with anyone."

Prosecutors alleged that Davis was driving while intoxicated on Gulfway Drive on July 5, 2015 when she lost control of the vehicle and her passenger, Fields, was killed.

According to police, Davis' blood contained cocaine several hours after the accident.

As of now, the family of Pamela Fields says that they plan on keep her memory alive.

The family of Vanessa Davis didn't want to make a comment about the sentencing.