It was a trip that reverend Van Jordan never imagined taking just three days after a gunman opened fire inside a church at Sutherland Springs.

Jordan knew he had to help somehow. "We hear about this stuff going on in Chicago. Hear about it going on in other places but never here in the state of Texas." said Jordan.

It was there that Jordan met a carpenter who drove down from Chicago to deliver 26 wooden crosses for the victims killed in the tragedy.

Reverend Jordan helped set up the crosses in a field near Sutherland Springs Baptist Church. "As we put each family member on each cross, it became like a family to us." He explained.

Photos show the Port Arthur native leading a group from the small town with prayer, a 300 mile drive that wouldn't keep him from delivering words of comfort in their time of need.

"All we wanted to do was go out and pray. Pray for the community itself for healing." he said.