After tropical storm Harvey, cleanup on pleasure island has shifted into a higher gear, especially on the north and south levees.

"It's amazing that you can now drive down the roads and have an actual scenic drive," says Ronald, who has been fishing in the area for over 40 years.

Progress makes for perfect fishing, especially now that the area is getting cleaned up.

"I talk to people every day, if I'm not fishing then I'm picking trash up," Moon says.

"Everyone is just so relaxed out here," he explains.

The north and south levee area on pleasure island is getting a makeover, crews have been cleaning out the overgrown shrubs, and trees for several weeks.

So far about 4 miles have been cut off the 6-mile long north levee

"Some of the grass out here has been so bad that two cars couldn't even pass down the road.," Moon says.

It's part of the levee revitalization project to help make the levees cleaner.

"it's just a good place to go and relax and meet people," Moon says.

Now that this area is getting cleaned up, it's something Moon hopes it stays that way.

"Now that the grass is out the road, it's a lot more enjoyable experience," Moon says.

A community-wide cleanup event will take place at the beginning of March of next year.