Residents in Port Arthur are preparing for hurricane season while keeping in mind the hardships they have experienced in the past.

“We got water damage and the debris that blowed over into my yard,” said resident John Lewing.

Lewing said he dreads hurricane season every year, he remembers when his backyard was flooded after Hurricane Ike and Rita.

“There were snakes in the grass and spiders and gators,” said Lewing.

Lewing lives on West Lakeshore Drive in Port Arthur about 100 feet from the sea wall.

He evacuated from both hurricanes and boarded up his windows before he left.

"We put ply wood over it for hard winds blowing and flying objects so it wouldn't bust it," said Lewing.

Luckily, his house didn't have major damages except for flooding underneath his house.

Port Arthur Deputy Chief Robert Havens recommends people board up their windows when they evacuate and suggests they gather food supplies as well.

"We recommend we have three to five days or a weeks’ worth of canned goods and supplies," said Havens.

Havens recommends supplies like batteries, nonperishable foods, lights and water.

However, he wants to emphasize that people should leave when there is a call for evacuation by the city.

“We strongly urge all the citizens to evacuate and move to a safer location,” said Havens.

Deputy Chief Havens also stresses the importance of using caution when operating a generator.

He said it’s important to let the generator cool down before you refill it. He also suggests residents make sure they don't spill gas when filling up their generators because it could cause a fire hazard.