A Port Arthur woman feels relieved after attending a town hall meeting discussing the breached flood wall along Taylor’s Bayou in Port Arthur.

Construction crews are working to patch the damaged wall a week after it was discovered by the Jefferson County Drainage District 7.

A town hall meeting was held at the Lamar State College-Port Arthur Carl Parker Multipurpose Center.

Ashely Gordon has lived in Port Arthur her whole life and feels better knowing that work on the breach is already being done.

"I didn't believe there was a plan beforehand, and so that was where a lot of my concern was coming from. I think that everyone who spoke tonight did a good job addressing all of the concerns,” Gordon said.

The drainage district, Port Arthur Mayor Derrick Freeman and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers answered questions of concerned residents.

Phil Kelley, general manager with Jefferson County Drainage District Seven tells 12 News the work on the breach will cost $10 million for the short-term repairs. Emergency funding is being requested.

Kelley says there are plans to raise the levels of the levee system along Jefferson County. No starting date for that project has been set.

For the short term, Gordon is glad that the work on the immediate damage is being fixed.

“It was nice to know it was already in the works and not something that we waited last minute to do," Gordon said.

Jefferson County Judge Jeff Branick issued a declaration of disaster over the damaged flood wall.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers believes the breach could not withstand a local tropical storm or hurricane.