Not only can you see the German Pellets silo smoldering, but you can smell it from right here on Harding Street, which is upsetting to some Port Arthur residents.

Thursday night at the West Side Development Center in Port Arthur, John Beard brought together citizens and city council members to express his anger over the smoldering silo.

"We've tried to impress upon our city officials that they have to take action with the rules and regulations that the city already has in place, such as nuisance abatement, and also the fact that this fire is causing a hazard to the health and welfare of our citizens," Beard said.

A hazard that Dr. Lowra Harrison, who's worked in the environmental science industry for 19 years says can have several effects on one's health.

"Lower immune system issues, upper respiratory issues, reproductive issues, and long term it's a really bad chemical, right up there with PCP," Dr. Harrison said.

According to a German Pellets website, the company is working on different ways to extract the smoldering pellets based on consent from the local fire department.

Beard hopes that officials the city can hold this company and others up to a healthy environmental standard.

"I think we're going to get a lot of progress out of this, matter of fact I've been assured that starting tomorrow they're going to get on this issue because like I said, 48 days of smelling smoke and seeing this thing smoldering is just too long," Beard said.

The German Pellets website says that new ways of extracting the smoldering pellets may slow the extinguishing process down.

You can find the latest updates from the company here.