The Port Arthur Police officer who was injured after a woman ran him over is on the road to recovery.

23 year-old Ashton Moss is currently walking with crutches because both of his legs received injuries. His right foot is broken while ligaments and tendons were damaged on his left foot.

Officer Moss said the injuries could have been way worse.

“It's not too bad, I’m not in any pain at all," said officer Moss. "It's just a hassle to move around."

About a month ago, Moss was assisting Bridge City Authorities in a theft investigation. Port Arthur Police said 37-year-old Patrise Young ran him over at the Cedar Ridge apartment complex.

Port Arthur Police Chief Patrick Melvin said he respects Moss's bravery.

"We appreciate that we have officers like officer Moss who was excited to come to work and still wants to come to work after being injured in the line of duty," said Chief Melvin.

Young turned herself in at the end of February and will face two counts of assault on a public servant.

Risa Carpenter with the city of Port Arthur said Young wrote officer Moss an apology letter. The letter has not been publicly released. Moss said he has not seen the letter at this time.

Moss said he will go through physical therapy for six months before he can return back to work.

"I couldn’t believe it when they said 6 months to get back because I’m very eager to get back," said Moss.

Moss is currently recovering at home with his mother.

12news went to Young's apartment to see if her family members wanted to make a comment but no one was home.

If charged, Young could face 5 to 99 years in prison and a possible fine of up to 10 thousand dollars.

Young is currently in the Jefferson County Jail with a $200,000 bond.