Busy Friday night for the Port Arthur Police Department, and an early morning at the Port Arthur Public Library, PAPD hosts "Chat with the Chief."

Port Arthur police officers were busy investigating two acts of violence overnight.

Despite separate shooting and stabbing cases, the victims involved received non-life-threatening injuries.

The shooting taking place at Villa Main Apartments around midnight, where two people were hit by bullets in the legs.

While investigators are still working to determine if it was a drug-related shooting due to evidence of drugs at the scene, no arrests have been made yet.

At Stonegate Manor Apartments, one person suffering from stab wounds around 10:30 Friday night.

Police say a suspect has been identified, but at last check, an arrest had not been made.

With officer still on these fresh cases from overnight, the PAPD also taking a moment to create a bridge between police and community members.

"I thought the chief is really trying to make things better," says Dorothy Campbell, who lives in the city of Port Arthur.

"I'm sorry many people didn't come to this event," she says.

Chairs fill the Port Arthur Public Library's conference room.

Of the few present was Campbell.

"I think everyone should have the chance to speak their mind and meet their police force," she says.

This public event held hours after the shooting at the Villa Main Apartments and stabbing at Stonegate Manor.

"This is what we're all about," says Chief Patrick Melvin, with PAPD.

"We realized a long time ago that we have can't solve crime by ourselves," He explains.

"This allows community members to let us know what's happening in the community," says Chief Melvin

From mental health awareness to neighborhood watch programs, the department is hoping to build bridges between the citizens of Port Arthur and Law Enforcement Officers.

It's an effort hoping to combat crime by joining forces with the rest of the community.

"Hold us accountable, so that we can help you solve any issue," Chief Melvin says.

The next "Chat with the Chief" will take place at the Port Arthur Public Library in November.