Port Arthur police are continuing to search for suspects involved in an aggravated robbery at a Port Arthur Law office Wednesday afternoon.

They are looking for a white, four door vehicle that was seen leaving the Stella Morrison law office on Gulfway Dr. in Port Arthur. Police said the car circled the office before the burglary and was seen leaving just moments after it happened.

86 year-old Wilma Palermo rents an office inside the Morrison Law firm and said the thieves stole lots of cash and cashier checks from her office.

"I’m just a small real estate office and that much money means a lot to me," said Palermo.

Palermo has been renting the office for 17 years. She said she’s now short after $2,000 dollars and $7,000 worth of cashier’s checks were stolen from her desk drawers.

Palermo believes her office was targeted on purpose.

"Whoever did it knew she was there and we only had it 30 to 45 minutes in the office, it had to be someone who seen it," said Palermo.

Palermo said she is lucky she wasn’t inside but feels sorry for her secretary who was in the office all alone during the robbery.

Port Arthur police said three suspects in masks went inside the office and hit the secretary in the back of the head with a gun.

Palermo said her secretary told her about what happened during the attack.

"They pushed the desk up against her chair so she couldn't get up and told her to not look at them and told her to get on her knees,” said Palermo.

Her secretary was taken to the hospital where staples were used to close her wound. Palermo said her secretary is currently recovering at home.

"She was very depressed and she's crying all the time, she's really upset right now," said Palermo.

Palermo said she hopes everything will go back to normal soon so she can continue her business.

"I have to replace all the money, I’m going to be short for a while,” said Palermo.

Police are also looking for a purple money bag and a white purse with yellow stripes that was also stolen during the robbery.

If you have any information about the suspects are contact crime stoppers at 8-3-3 TIPS.