Port Arthur native Fernando Ramirez is grieving the loss of ten immigrants who died in a human smuggling case in San Antonio over the weekend.

A tragedy, one he says could have been prevented.

“A person of Hispanic decent sees what’s happening…tragedies that could have been prevented if we had a viable immigration system.” Ramirez said.

8 people were found dead inside an 18-wheeler parked at a San Antonio Walmart on Sunday, along with other undocumented immigrants investigators say were smuggled into the country.

Two others died at the hospital. Ramirez, who prepares local immigrants for their U.S. Citizenship exam, believes this is the time for Hispanics to speak up.

Especially Hispanics in Southeast Texas.

“Los Coyotajes, they make money off these people! Big money! I’m not talking about a couple of hundred dollars, we are talking about thousands of dollars and a truck load of people. That money adds up.” Said Ramirez referring to smugglers.

Ramirez said what saddens him the most about the tragedy are the families left behind without their loved ones who dreamed of freedom in the United States.

This weekend’s tragedy is the latest in four other truck smuggling cases this month alone in Texas.