Port Arthur native Jose Villanueva says he was blocks away from the horrific scene of Sunday nights deadly shooting in Las Vegas, it's officially the deadliest shooting massacre on United States soil where more than 50 people were killed and at least 4 hundred injured.

"We heard sirens and heard it was a shooter," Villanueva says.

"That's where we got a little worried," he explains.

It was loud popping sounds believed to be fireworks.

Villanueva, who lives in Port Arthur says he was having dinner just blocks away from the nations deadliest shooting.

"Fathers, sons, daughters, and children were killed," Villanueva says.

He recalls it being something he'd never think would happen in front of him.

Villanueva describes it as a traumatic experience as he see's the ambulance and first responders heading to the scene for rescues.

On social media, thousands like him marking themselves safe.

"I had a friend with me from Southeast Texas and we're both fine," he says.

"Good thing we were far enough to get away safely," Villanueva explains.

And the sound of the sirens is something he will never forget.

"Right now we're just trying to get through all these emotions," he says.

Jose's flight is expected to land in Houston Monday night.

He says he's ready to hug his family in Port Arthur, something many people won't have the opportunity to do after this tragic shooting.