Sly Jones works for the Port Arthur Police Department as a dispatcher, a job given to him 23-years ago. On Thursday he made a $500 donation to the Beaumont Elks Lodge after watching a 12 News story that immediately impacted him.

The story featured a teenager from Lincoln Middle School named Frederick who like many children with special needs, rely on donations from the community to attend the Texas Elks Camp every summer. The camp's focus is to make sure children with special needs get to have the same amount of fun as any other kid would if they attended a summer camp.

Jones was paralyzed at the age of twenty after he was shot in his side. The bullet lodged into his spine forcing him into a wheelchair for the rest of his life. However, he didn't slow down in life, and to this day, he's happily married, loves going to work, and decided that he wanted to provide Frederick with the opportunity to not only go to camp, but to realize anything is possible, no matter if you have a disability, special need or not.