A Port Arthur man wrestles an accused armed burglar to the ground during a back- yard confrontation, moments later, police took him away.

“As soon as he stood up, it was either me or him, so I just went and hit him,” says Stephen Thompson, homeowner burglary victim.

The incident happened a little after 9 PM on Thursday night.

“He proceeded to go out the front gate,” says Thompson.

“I went and grabbed him, threw him to the ground and told him he’s going to stay here until the cops came,” he explains.

Thompson has been living on Gulfway Drive for a little over a year.

“I noticed a guy standing in the corner of my fence breaking it,” Thompson says.

A common sight he sees, but this time it was finally his turn to take action.

“It's pretty scary, it's making me reconsider where I stay,” he says.

The suspected burglar, 59-year-old John Martin, was wrestled down to the ground.

“I saw him reach in his pocket, I knew he was grabbing something,” he explains.

“It was a 25 caliber gun he dropped, I hit him 2 more times and then he was asleep,” says Thompson.

Martin was quickly booked into the Jefferson County correctional facility on three separate charges.

His bonds are set at $20,000 for a firearm possession by felon, $2,500 for trespassing with a deadly weapon, and another $2,500 for deadly conduct

“What I did was justified, he could have probably robbed someone else, and we won’t have to worry about him for a while,” Thompson says.

A lesson learned and a message to anyone thinking about burglarizing him again.

“Don’t try it, don’t try it,” he exclaims.