A Port Arthur man is speaking out saying an incident with a local officer has left him with a lot of questions.

Deven Taylor alleges an officer tased him then left him on the ground.

Taylor says he has his suspicions on why it happened but is concerned the officer didn't follow protocol.

"I could have died that night." says Taylor.

"I'm a man with kids, and that's wrong," he explains.

A traumatic experience for Deven Taylor, he says a Port Arthur law enforcement officer left him lying in a puddle of his own blood, unconscious.

"Why? Why do that? This time it was a taser, next time it can be a bullet," says Taylor.

Taylor tells me that the incident happened a little after 11 pm on Sunday.

He says he wasn't arrested.

"When I woke up, I stood up with the wires in my hand, and I walked home," He says.

A completely unbelievable experience his stepfather Howard J. Doucet says he wouldn't wish on anybody.

"It's crazy to know that a law enforcement officer will shoot at my boy and leave him out on the ground for dead," Doucet says.

"If I do something, I'm going to jail for it, so if he does something I want him to deal with the consequences," Taylor explains.

Now he's left with the question of why he was tased.

Taylor hopes an investigation will reveal the truth.

"We're getting watched, so they should be watched too and this should be stopped," he says.

"When you patrol the community, be there as a friend, to protect and serve not to seek and destroy," Doucet says.

Risa Carpenter with the city of Port Arthur tells me that Port Arthur Police did respond to a call at Prince Hall Apartments last Sunday.

Chief of Police Patrick Melvin tells us that PAPD responded to the aid of Taylor, but was not involved in the "use of force" incident.

The incident is currently being investigated by the District Attorney's Office Criminal Investigation Division.

There was no other comment over this case on behalf of the city or officer involved.