Hurricane Matthew, now a category two storm, overnight pummeled parts of Florida with flooding and wind damage.

“Think about it, you get a call and they tell you you're leaving tomorrow for 14 days, they basically went home and started packing,” says Port Arthur Fire Department Fire Chief Larry Richard.

He says captains Ricky Bodin and Richard Malone deployed to Florida as representatives from the Golden Triangle Incident Management Team

Chief Richard says that the group left Thursday afternoon, spent the night in Alabama and arrived in Tallahassee, Florida for the Emergency Operations Center.

The fire department received word early Wednesday morning, and by Thursday both captains were on the road ready to help with Hurricane Matthews’s devastation.

“That makes us feel pretty good that we'd be asked to respond to that nature, we've had hurricanes here in the past and both individuals have been part of our response situation,” says Chief Richard.

Bodin and Malone have previously deployed to help with Hurricanes Rita, Gustav, and Ike, and Chief Richard says situations like this help prepare the men for emergency situations that may arise here at home in the future.

“This is a good way to pay back but also good training for next time we have a disaster here,” he says.

Both Malone and Bodin are two local firemen, risking their safety for the service of others.