Members of a Port Arthur family say they are offended tonight-- after a man is caught on camera-- unleashing racial slurs at them.

"That's alright, Trump is sending you all back to Mexico," says the man seen on the video.

A simple gas stop gone wrong for a Hispanic Port Arthur family.

They've decided to not identify themselves for security reasons.

In disbelief, the family says they were verbally assaulted at a gas station on Twin City Highway in Port Arthur.

"It's sad that people have to go through this," Says the victim.

"I see it all the time on social media and didn't think this was going to happen to me," He says.

The man was seen on this video identifying himself.

"My name is Dwayne Hargrave, I have a dog and everybody knows me," He shouts to the family.

The family says the racial tension started when the man started panhandling them for gas.

"Then he started insulting me saying I didn't belong in this country," Says the victim.

The guy was left without help in getting gas and video evidence of his spew of words.

"If he would have said it nicer, I would have helped him or buy him anything from the store," Says the victim.

"I have no hate for this guy and if I see him I might consider giving him a hundred bucks," He explains.

12News has reached out to the person in the video, and we have yet to receive a response.