A Port Arthur family is grieving after a fatal wreck claims the life of 26-year-old Carlos Enrique Delatorre.

The accident happened at around 7 last Tuesday, and Delatorre was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The family says he was on his way back from work, but unfortunately, he didn't make it home.

"We love you so much," says his little sister Lyza Lora.

"We would do anything and everything If we could just see him one last time," she says.

She's one of the many in tears after hearing the news of the death of Delatorre.

"He just had a baby, and his family loves him so much," Lora

"It's just so hard for us right now because everyone cared for him so much," She says with her eyes full of tears.

Carlos Enrique Delatorre was only 26-years-old.

Beaumont Police responded to the wreck at around 7 PM on the Eastex Freeway near the restaurant Cafe Del Rio.

Delatorre on the passenger seat was then transported to a hospital.

"He wouldn't blink or open his eye's, and he started to get cold," Lora says.

Carlos leaving behind plenty of memories with family and friends, and 2 children of his own.

"I still don't want to believe it," his baby sister says.

"I feel like he's going to go work out of town for work and come back, but he's not," She explains.

The family is in need of help for funeral expenses, CLICK HERE to donate.