The Port Arthur city council is considering annexing property where ten oil companies are now operating just outside city limits.

Those companies are self-sufficient right now.

But if they are annexed, Port Arthur would have to provide city services like water resources and emergency response.

Jose Villanueva has lived in Port Arthur since he was 8 years old.

He says his family has worked in the big industries around the city, and understands they provide a living to many Port Arthur citizens.

"And I think umm, I mean most of my friends most of the people I know work in the oil industry and it's a big industry for us in this community," Villanueva said.

He says he plans to participate in public hearings hosted by the Port Arthur city council.

The hearings will cover the potential annexation of property of these companies: BASF TOTAL Petrochemicals, LLC, BASF Corporation, Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP, Chevron USA, Flint Hills Resources Port Arthur, LLC, Oxbow Calcining, LLC, Praxair, Inc. (tract located at Valero), Praxair, Inc. tract located on Motiva), Total Petrochemicals & Refining USA and Total Par, LLC, Veolia ES Technical Solutions, LLC.

Councilman Willie “Bae” Lewis believes renewing the economic incentive contracts of the companies will benefit both the companies and the city.

"Yeah renew the contracts and give us something we can live with, yeah it'll benefit both parties. They can stay where they're at, provide their services and everything and we just leave them alone okay? Until the next contract expires," Lewis said.

Villanueva hopes both sides come up with a solution to help citizens.

"That's what I would like to see happen you know? Not seeing annexation, but seeing contracts signed and paper promises that the community here will be helped," Villanueva said.