The Port Arthur city council passed a resolution to request lowering the speed limit on Highway 69.

City councilman Willie Bae Lewis is spearheading the effort to reduce the speed limit from 75 miles per hour to 55 miles per hour between Jimmy Johnson Boulevard and 39th street on the highway.

Port Acres native Roxanne Whiteley travels down the road several times during the week. She thinks it would be a great idea to reduce the speed limit.

"I think it should be lowered, I think there are too many pedestrian vehicle fatalities on this stretch of road," said Whiteley.

After hearing complaints from residents like Roxanne, Councilman Lewis decided to make a request with TXDOT to lower the speed limit to make the highway safer.

“It’s jammed up, its backed up, its too dangerous it’s too high of a speed just to go into an intersection or make a turn, too dangerous," said Councilman Lewis.

According to TXDOT there were 12 speed related accidents along the stretch of the roadway last year.

Councilman Lewis hopes there will be less wrecks if TXDOT decides to lower the speed limit. 

“In the interest of safety and saving lives in the future we need TXDOT to look at dropping the speed limit,” said Lewis.

TXDOT received the request from the city council. They plan on setting up a speed study in the next few weeks along the highway which will determine the common speed of drivers in that area.