Senior Pastor Randy Vaughn from Mount Sinai Baptist Missionary Church in Port Arthur is familiar with the Haiti during time of devastation.

Pastor Vaughn showed 12News pictures of people dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. "Having been to Haiti a number of times even during Hurricanes...I can only imagine." He said.

Hurricane Matthew hit Southern Haiti as a category four leaving at least ten people dead. Communications systems are down and thousands are without shelter. Which is why Pastor Vaughn wants the help he can get from Southeast Texans.

"At this particular point of what they are experiencing, the fastest and easiest transport is money and finances." Vaughn said.

Dr. Marsha Thigpen has gone to Haiti during world disasters with the church and tells 12News the island will need the use of medicine and other medical supplies.

"Most people in Haiti live in mud huts and most of those were washed away during the hurricane so if people can give money, it will help tremendously." Thigpen says.

The funds go through the Succour Foundation run by the church which also sends monthly donations to the island.

If you wish to donate, you can call Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church at 409-982-6464.

Church Location: 501 West Thomas Port Arthur, Texas 77641

Pastor Randy Vaughn: