Several businesses in Beaumont and Port Arthur closed their doors Thursday in a show of solidarity for a "Day without Immigrants"

A barber shut down his shop to bring to light the plight of undocumented workers who are hiding in the shadows.

Only a few weeks ago, Katrachos Barbershop in Port Arthur was "buzzing" with business, but on a “day without immigrants", the sound of clippers went silent.

“We're going to show the President how immigrants are very important for America,” says Julio Cabrera, owner of Katrachos Barbershop.

Many businesses' like that of Julio closed their doors in support of immigrants all across the United States.

Mexican immigrant Luciano Vargas has been living in the United States for over 20 years.

“I've never had any problems with the government. I've never asked them for anything, I’ve always worked,” Luciano says.

And at 75-years-old, he is still working as a cook, and he doesn't see retirement in the near future.

Luciano is still the breadwinner for his family.

When thousands across the country took off to participate in "a day without immigrants" protests Luciano went to work.

“I come to work, and I work hard for my boss, although my heart is with all of those that are protesting for those like myself,” says Luciano.

Julio took the risk and shut his doors at the barber shop, to open minds to the hundreds of thousands of people living in the shadows, those like Luciano.

Here are some of the businesses that closed for #DayWithoutImmigrants on Gulfway Dr. in Port Arthur.

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“We come over here to work and make our family better,” Julio says.

Luciano's family is back in Mexico, but his thoughts are constantly with others in hopes that families will not be separated by deportation.

“I don't feel bad for those like myself to get arrested and deported. It doesn't scare me. It makes me sad for those people getting arrested that have children. They leave their children behind, that's what makes me sad,” Luciano says.

In a span of a mile radius on Gulfway drive, over half a dozen businesses also closed their doors all to show the impact the immigrant community has in the city of Port Arthur.