Rusted metals, missing pieces, and a melted slide is what Chuck Vincent came across over the weekend when he took his granddaughters to Eagles Park in Port Acres.

“There’s safety bars missing, nothing there but screws, we have an electrical issue going on here at the park that has to be seriously addressed because it can actually kill a kid.” Said Vincent.

The grandfather of three took pictures of the playground and posted them on Facebook grabbing the attention of other Port Acres residents also complaining of the park’s condition.

“The grass was real, real high and there was trash everywhere.” Said Misti Tatum.

Tatum told 12News she stopped going to the park with her daughter because she didn’t think the playground was safe.

But on Wednesday, it was a different scene at Eagles Park than it was over the weekend.

“I pulled up today and said is this a normal clean-up day out here or a result of citizens being angry?”

Vincent’s Facebook post made its way to the City of Port Arthur which resulted in a park clean-up on Wednesday.

“We are all for it! Getting residents on social media and telling us when we are dropping the ball and I’m not here to make excused. I’m here to basically getting it right.” said Jerry Smith, Director of Parks and Recreation.

Smith explained to 12News the maintenance contractor and the city are currently in litigation which is why the park hadn’t received maintenance.

However, Vincent and Tatum they are glad to see some positive changes at Eagles Park so their kids can enjoy.

“Rest assure that we as parks and recreation, we will address these issues in a real way and I encourage this gentleman as well as anybody else in the city of Port Arthur who has concern about any other parks and how they may look, to give me a phone call.” Smith said.

According to Smith, all 34 parks in Port Arthur receive maintenance every 10 days depending on the weather.