Jasper police investigators are trying to figure out who fired the first shot after a Sunday-afternoon shootout sent one man to the hospital.

A police spokesperson said the shooting happened around 5 p.m. Sunday in the 1400 block of J.H. Rowe St. The spokesperson said Rushsun Young, 23, and Brandon Turks, 22, had an argument earlier in the day. The two fired shots at each other when they met a second time. Young was the only one hurt in the exchange of gunfire; he was shot in the abdomen. The spokesperson said Young was taken to a hospital in Jasper.

Witnesses told police the conflict involved relationship issues with a woman both men knew.

Investigators recovered the firearms and interviewed everyone involved.

A news release issued by the Jasper Police Department says the victim is refusing to cooperate with police and is not pursuing charges. The police spokesperson said charges may be filed without the cooperation of the witness.