Police Chief Patrick Melvin speaks to 12News Following the Port Arthur Police Association's vote saying that they lack confidence in his leadership.

85 percent of those in the association who voted say the Police Chief does not fulfill his duties and are asking City officials to intervene in the future of the Port Arthur Police Department.

"Change is hard sometimes and can make people uncomfortable," says Port Arthur Police Chief Patrick Melvin

"That's where we're at right now," he explains.

In the vote of 'no-confidence,' members of the association are unhappy with the direction Chief Melvin is leading the department.

"We're coming out to the public because nothing is getting addressed," says Tom Barbee with CLEAT, who is representing the Port Arthur Police Association.

"The officers are asking to let them do their job and quit putting up barriers," Barbee says.

The group says that the ultimate goal is to create dialogue hoping concerns are addressed.

To put the Police Association vote into perspective, of the 104 total Police Officers in PAPD, 97 officers and staff are eligible to vote in the associations 'no confidence' vote.

There were 78 people in the association who voted, 19 opted out in voting, and 58 of them disagreeing with Chief Melvin's leadership.

"This is our opportunity to let our city council know that time should be taken to resolve issues within the department," Barbee says.

"I'm looking forward to meeting with both the city and the association to discuss the goal in mind in serving the community," Chief Melvin says.

12News reached out to Brian Mcdougal, City manager of Port Arthur, he says the city is looking forward to sitting down with both the association and the Police Chief to discuss in detail some of these concerns.

Chief Melvin says that this is a road bump for the department and is looking forward to finding ways to better protect and serve the community.

Melvin currently has over 32 years of Law Enforcement experience, and 11 years of being police chief.

He took over after Mark Blanton retired in Spring 2016.