Port Neches-Groves ISD board members decided they will put up for bid an eight-acre parcel of land at FM 366 and Merriman Street.

Should the land be sold, the totem pole and wall could be relocated. Another monument could also be rebuilt elsewhere within the district if the sale goes through.

Russell Hawkins is an Indian alumnus. During football games this year, his son will be on the football field and his daughter will be cheering the team on as an Indianette.

Hawkins admires the monument but sees the benefit in the potential profits.

"This is the main street going to the high school and going to the stadium for volleyball, baseball, softball and football and everything else. So that's what they see when they come in and that's important, we got to show pride in our Indians"

Before the totem pole and wall stood on the street corner, a concrete “I” signaled where the Reservation began.

The eight acres behind it is too close to an industrial complex to build a stadium or school. An administration building could possibly fill the land, according to the PNGISD Board of Trustees president, Darren McCutcheon.

McCutcheon says selling the land is something the board must consider.

"It's with a heavy heart on me personally, if I was to see that [monument] come down, but it's time to explore our options,” McCutcheon said.

“We're having to pass a deficit budget this year, and this may help us generate some money for the school district," McCutcheon said.

The possible income generated from the sale sounds like a positive for Hawkins.

"I'd love to have monuments from here to the [Neches] River, but it's more important to get what's best for the kids, new schools, proper materials and what not, more important than a monument," Hawkins said.

The next step is to finalize a bid notice and place the bid two times in a local newspaper and wait for bids to come in.