A groundbreaking ceremony was held on Saturday for Beaumont’s newest church, the Meadows Church of Christ.

The neat thing about it is the building being used was a former YMCA building on Dishmond road.

What could have been a place of outdoor activities, pools, and showers, is quickly turning into a place of worship for many Southeast Texans.

“The property that we came from on interstate 10, we've been there for 53 years,” says Church member Steve Henly.
“It's become more industrialized and less family friendly as it was back in 1963,” he says.

For Steve and Kathy Henley, this new change is a re-birth for the church.

“It’s truly a blessing for us to be able to have access to this kind of facility,” says Steve.

Because of Beaumont’s industrial growth, the church decided to make it more family friendly, now, this 22 thousand square foot building is the first step of the church’s new start.

Construction Manager Collin Garrett say this building was originally branded as the YMCA project, the facility then went out of business in 2010 leaving the building abandoned for several years.

Now, the Henley family is excited to share a new place they are waiting to call home.

“There's a future for the church,” says Kathy.

“Where there're young people there's life, so we're looking forward to that,” she explains.

The construction is expected to be done next year, opening its new doors in February.