He's known as the Domino's man. George Geisel is giving thanks one more time this Thanksgiving weekend after his life flashed before his eyes.

"I feel thankful that I have a family that cares and loves me" said Geisel.

The husband and father of two teens was pulled out of the rubble after a Toyota Camry slammed into his business on Main Avenue over the weekend.

He and two other employees were taken to the hospital. "I was sitting down in my office doing paper work when all of the sudden I see the wall coming towards me falling down on top of me." he told 12News.

Geisel said it took about five minutes for firefighters to pull him out but minutes before that, he decided to do what he knows best...pray.

"I was praying, Lord, help me get through this and then I worried about my two team members." he said.

On social media, many showed an outpouring of support for Geisel and his employees. Domino's in Groves will be temporarily closed for 4-5 days.

Meanwhile, pizza lovers can order from Nederland and Port Arthur locations until Groves Domino's reopens.