Kane is a 1-year-old Pit Bull who was rescued over the weekend from DeRidder, Louisiana. Jeanine Christian, a local pet rescuer, says Kane is alive thanks to a man from Silsbee.

“He was absolutely neglected. He has Heartworm, Hookworms, everything. He is well underweight.” Said Christian.

Kane’s case came on Tuesday to the Main Street Veterinary clinic in Lumberton with extensive injuries on his neck and minor ones around his body.

Christian told 12News the man who rescued Kane, found him tied up with electrical and extension cords outside the home in DeRidder.

Staff members at the clinic also believe Kane was hit by some sort of pellets.

“He came in and had several lacerations to his neck. One which was very deep almost extended down to the Trachea and some of the important vessels that run through the neck.” Said Dr. David Duplechin.

Kane underwent surgery earlier this week and may have to go through a second one.

But despite his “ruff” wounds, Kane continues to wag his tail! Christian says Kane also has a new home with the man who saved him.

And they are trying to work with DeRidder officials to report the animal abuse.

Kane will stay at the clinic for a couple of more weeks till he is fully recovered.

If you wish to help Kane, you can call Main Street Veterinary Clinic at (409) 755-6100 or donate at Kane’s GoFundMe page HERE.