A time capsule buried in the Safari Run playground at Winnie Stowell Park in Chambers County, has been opened.

A marker donated by Broussard's Mortuary states the capsule, buried on on March 16,1997, is to be opened by children on the 20th Anniversary of the playground's completion.

After more than an hour and a half of digging, the time capsule was found!

Inside was a t-shirt and some photos and blueprints, ruined by water damage.

We're told they had a hard time finding the time capsule because the marker, or plaque, had been moved.

Janet Vayon, who helped build the playground says, "and so they built this for the children and then they decided at the end of the time that they were building it to do a time capsule and bury it and they put a plaque over it and they put things inside this time capsule that they could remember back, like a tshirt and maybe the plans of it, photographs, and we weren't really sure what all was buried in the time capsule."

Thankfully, someone made duplicates of the blueprints and saved them.

Those duplicates and the other items from the capsule will be on display at the library in Winnie once they dry out.