A Nederland woman has started an online petition to make Raceway gas station on Highway 365 “safe again.”

In the petition, the woman claims she feels uncomfortable going to the store after seeing several people soliciting or intoxicated. An issue she says has been happening for a while.

“We don’t trust that store and it never fails that when you do go, you get solicited by somebody wanting money.” Said Suzette Meleton.

Meleton has owned La’Vie Salon for 12 years and is located right by the Raceway as well as other businesses.

“It’s a problem that’s been going on for a while!” she said.

Nederland Police Chief Darrell Bush explained the department received about 80 calls to that exact location within the last year and seven months.

Most of the calls he said were for suspicious people and disturbances.

Only a couple of arrests were made involving people with warrants.

12News also obtained cell phone video of a violent confrontation involving two women outside the gas station two months ago.

Another video shows three customers arguing aggressively outside the parking lot.

Raceway manager, Musa Ahsan told 12News he deals with solicitors three to four times a week and even though he does call police, he can’t get rid of the problem.

“Today, somebody parked the car and asked for money and at the same time I called the cops. They came and gave them a trespassing I think that’s all I can do.” He said.

According to Nederland Police Department, no robbery calls have been made to that location.

The petition is on Change.org and has over 100 signatures already.