Words of praise filled the lobby at the Beaumont Police Department on Sunday afternoon.

Dozens of people gathered to pray for the police officers who are working hard to put a stop to the criminal activity going on in the city.

Pastor Rick White with Christian Fellowship Church is calling upon others to help solve this problem.

"I think it's beneficial for us to show unity in this community, this is not a West End issue, this is not a South Park issue, this is not a North End issue, this is a Beaumont issue and all of Beaumont needs to come together to solve it," Pastor White said.

Beaumont Fire Rescue was also honored at Paradise Baptist Church.

Sabrina Whittley, who has been going to the church for 12 years says they are grateful for the work first responders do.
"We just want to make sure that they are encouraged while they are pushing and working through faith, as well as giving everybody hope as life goes on," Whittley said.

Beaumont Police Chief James Singletary says he did not expect this many pastors, judges and city council members to attend today's prayer service.

Chief Singletary says police enjoy participating in these prayer services to connect with citizens.

"We're doing our stuff, law enforcement stuff behind the scene, I can assure you that, there's a lot of these folks and these gangs that are getting our attention. And we're going to get them, but we need to do things like this too to make the citizens aware that we are out there trying," Chief Singletary said.

Pastor White says him and others are offering their church as a place of comfort to victims and families affected by violence.

"Whenever people find themselves in distress, the first step they always take is spiritual, the first step is always toward God, churches need to be ready to present that step and help people in their distress and in their time of need," Pastor White said.

The group of clergymen is planning a rally for peace in Beaumont. No date has been set.