Some parents of students performing at Mid-County Madness are struggling to find tickets to Friday’s game.

“This is Texas high school football, tradition is what it's about,” Stephen Barclay, a Nederland band parent said.

But he said the game has outgrown is Mid-County roots.

“This one game has outgrown the two facilities; Nederland and Port Neches,” Barclay said.

He has two kids in the band. He waited over three hours for tickets only to find out they were sold out.

“I wouldn't doubt there will be parents standing at the fence line trying to watch their kids perform, play whatever,” the band dad said.

Some fans who paid $6 for a ticket are selling them for up to $25.

If the ticket system isn’t re-evaluated, he wants both districts to discuss moving the game to a bigger venue like Lamar.

SETX Football Stadium Capacity:

Bulldog Stadium: 11,000

The Reservation: 13,000

Provost-Umphrey Stadium (Lamar University): 16,000

PNG Superintendent Rodney Cavness said traditionalists want to keep the madness in Mid-County.

“Both schools have a rich tradition,” Cavness said. “This is the biggest high school football rivalry in the country. Until my community said they want the game played elsewhere, it will be played in Mid-County.”

Barclay knows this battle will continue until at least next season. In the meantime, he’s ready for the fight on the field.

I guess Friday night at 10:30 we'll find out what the results are... because there's a lot of playoff implications on this game