Kristen Crone is angry with Woodville ISD. The mother of 5-yearold Kanyon Crone says he got a hold of a blue cleaning fluid at Wheat Elementary that made him very sick last month.

She knew as soon as she picked him up from school. “They told me we are so sorry. Your kid just drank some kind of blue disinfectant cleaner. We don’t think he drank much, sorry,” said Crone.

The Tyler County mother explains Kanyon was in the hallway at school when it happened. On the way back home, he started throwing up and so she rushed him to an emergency room in Lumberton where poison control was called.

“As a parent, especially as a special needs parent, this is one of your nightmares,” she said.

Crone said poison control told her Kanyon drank a good amount of the blue fluid which made him throw up for the next 24 hours. He also had diarrhea for a week because he drank so much.

Both Kristen and Will Crone explained they did meet with Woodville ISD’s superintendent, the school’s principal and nurse about what happened. “I asked what was their policy on drinking poisons up into this day and they couldn’t produce a policy before that, but like I said, they did do a new policy where they can’t have cleaning products out with the kids.” Said Crone.

This year was Kanyon’s first year in school and is part of a special needs program at Wheat Elementary.

However, the Crones want the school district to be held responsible for Kanyon’s medical bill because they say this poison scare should have never happened.

“I think someone from the school should’ve went you know? And if there was anything that needed to be taken care of, as far as remaining balance, I think they should take care of the remaining balance,” Will told 12News.

The Crones did remove Kanyon from Wheat Elementary due to the incident.

They also filed paper work for compensation towards his medical bill to the Texas Association of School Board, but according to Kristen, the board told them they are not “liable” for what happened.

12News also reached out to Woodville ISD Superintendent but he refused to comment on the incident.