Dozens of Beaumont parents are insisting on answers about the youth football league, the Southeast Texas Cardinals.

Parents claim they paid the league president between $185 and $200 for registration and equipment they never received.

The Cardinals have different teams with kids aged between four and fourteen years old. Some parents say they have multiple kids playing with the Cardinals.

On Monday night, the league president announced a parent meeting at New Birth Community Baptist Church. The president did not show up and canceled the meeting.

Former Cardinals board member Kevin Vallery and another board member brought parents’ receipts in hopes the money would be returned.

"They [the owner] have to answer these parents, because we have the information they wanted, that they needed to get these parents money back, it's here and they are not here," Vallery said.

The league president posted a statement on their Facebook page saying:

"Due to the unnecessary threats, exploration of our character and false accusations on behalf of our board the meeting for today has been canceled. Once all outstanding documents and possessions of the SETX Cardinals are returned to us, we will then review all accounts and take necessary measures as needed.We assure you the situation will be rectified in a timely manner. We sincerely apologize for those former members that have made a mockery of this organization. To those parents that expressed real interest in your kids continuing with the league, please inbox us your name, child name, and age. We will resume practice on next Monday. Location to be announced! For those parents that have moved onto other leagues, we wish you all the best. This is and has always been about the kids. They do not deserve this foolery. They have worked hard up to this point. Another meeting will be scheduled by the end of this week, location to be announced in advance! God Bless!"

Marko Johnson, another parent voiced his concerns about the league president missing the meeting.

"If you don't have anything to hide, you don't have any reason not to be here, if you don't have any reason not to be here, why would you cancel the meeting at 2:30 p.m. and not send it to the parents?" Johnson said.

Some parents are looking for a refund or are looking to join other teams ahead of the upcoming season.

12 News has reached out to the league president for comment.