A West Brook Football parent shows support towards Head Coach Kevin Flanigan after he was placed on administrative leave last Tuesday.

Ricky Mojica’s son plays offense and defense for the Bruins. He said Flanigan is a good coach and leader.

“Believe it or not it starts with the coach and it trickles down,” Mojica said. “Coach Flanigan puts coaches in place where they needed to be Coach Flanigan puts coaches in place where they need to be and knows where to put players in order to help the team achieve"..”

He said Saturday’s loss was even harder without Coach Flanigan on the sideline and he said many didn’t know why.

“Of course it was devastating as parents because you figure if something like this happened that we would know about it,” Flanigan said. “Someone would call and tell us what is going on, tell us what happened or what. No one said anything.”

The district isn’t providing details as to why the coach has been on administrative leave. BISD said they are not treating him any differently than they would any other employee in the same position. A district spokesperson said there is no timetable on the investigation because they want to be fair and thorough.

Although Mojica says he and other supports the coach, not all parents feel the same way.

Mojica said the coach teaches valuable lessons on and off the field.

“He talks about winning the championship but he also talks about winning the championship in life and doing the right thing,” the father said.

The district said the head coach has been placed on leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

Flanigan did not coach during the Bruin's 44-6 loss to Spring's Westfield High School. It was the worst playoff loss in school history.